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Is the divorce mediation process effective?

The Divorce Mediation process is a very positive way to resolve important disputes. Not all disputes, however, will meet with successful resolution in mediation. When parties battle through the court room emotions are high and defenses are up. Attacks on the issues can easily come out as attacks on the person. This makes it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship and can be the source of tremendous emotional strain.The statistics say that the divorce mediation process is effective over 85% and disputants that go through mediation are satisfied between 70% and 85% of the time. Compare this to the satisfaction rates of clients who utilize attornies where the client satisfication rate is lower than 40% and you can see the potential of the mediation process to be effective.

To find success in the mediation process both parties have to voluntarily participate. Both must be able to communicate and keep an open mind to the possible solutions. Some disputants are too emotionally charged or have no interest in any type of ongoing relationship after the dispute. In a divorce situation with children this can be a big issue. The relationship becomes more damaged through the attacks and the children can suffer from the antagonistic relationship of the parents.

Mediation works to resolve issues in a way that gives both sides a win and protects the relationship in the process.

Free 1/2 hour ConsultationMediation offers such a compelling and effective alternative to traditionally litigated disputes. Contact us if you are considering handling a sensitive dispute and we can review your situation and inform you of potentially adventageous options.Contact the Divorce Mediator for free information.

Evaluate your dispute for the mediation process

If your conflict has these types of qualities you will probably have a more satisfactory result using mediation.

  • Both sides can voluntarily work for a solution
  • The dispute involves family or business relationships that need to be protected
  • Both sides wish to save money
  • Both sides wish to save time
  • Both sides are seeking a Win/Win agreement
  • Both sides wish to keep control over the outcome and not have a judgement forced upon them
  • The dispute involves children
  • Privacy is desired
  • A creative solution is important

Some matters are not meant for the mediation process. When one of the parties, for example, does not wish to work toward a solution there is little hope that they will engage with the principles of mediation.

There are numerous benefits to working toward a mutually satisfying agreement. Doing so, in many cases, improves the relationship between the parties. They are shown a healthy process of working together and finding mutual gain. The process is a powerful model for the children who need to see an effective way to deal with conflict.

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