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If you are considering filing a new Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation case, the Mediator can assist in helping you both arrive at a detailed agreement and assist you in completing the forms that you file with the Court.

Mediation Prior to filing with the Court:

Typically both parties meet with the Mediator before any forms are filed with the Court. This helps make sure you know how things are going to end up before getting started with the court. This approach offers the following considerations:

  • Possibly fewer trips to Court
  • More time to explore creative options
  • No outside deadlines driving your timeline
  • Typically cheaper

Mediation AFTER the petition has been filed with the Court:

You can also use mediation after you have filed the petition with the Court to resolve everything and make sure you have a comprehensive agreement and you have all the forms you will need for filing. This approach offers the following considerations:

  • May get the Divorce/Legal Separation Decree sooner
  • Used when there is urgency to the case (such as bills aren’t getting paid, etc)
  • You may not have known about Mediation when you filed but would now like to utilize Mediation


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