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How Does Mediation Work?

Divorce Mediation Services in Denver Colorado

Divorce Mediation works because it is NOT a Win/Lose mentality

Divorce Mediation Services in Colorado involve bringing a dispute to a nuetral third party who assists in facilitating the negotiations with the mutual gain of the disputants being the goal.The divorce mediator works to keep the discussions on the interests of the parties and on creative solutions that benefit both sides. Instead of adversaries seeking to “win” the conflict we become a team whose objective is to find the solution that both sides can live with.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation Services:

  • Cost Effective. Less expensive than litigation
  • Voluntary. You can stop at any time
  • Confidential. Your information is protected
  • Private. Information is not on public record
  • Expediant. Typically much quicker than litigation
  • Non-Binding. Nothing is binding until both sides agree
  • Respectful. Maintains a healthy working relationship
  • Control. The parties define the solutions and thus tend to be happier with the results

Basically, how does it work?

Both parties meet with the mediator and work through the following agenda:

Colorado Divorce Mediation Services - Roadmap

Although each case is unique, the mediation process is a proven one with statistically high success rates. Of course, all agreements adhere to the Colorado Revised Statutes.

During sessions, respect is critical and there are ground rules to keep the discussions on the issues and not on emotions. This makes it safer to discuss possible solutions and keeps communication open.

Will Divorce Mediation Services be Effective for You?

There are characteristics that help decide if a dispute has potential of being resolved with Family Mediation, you can learn more here.  To see if divorce mediation is a good choice for you, evaluate  your situation during the Free Divorce Mediation Consultation and find out if your case is positioned for success.

You may also be interested in Virtual or Online Mediation options.

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