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Modify Existing Parenting Plan

Post Decree Changes to Existing Court Order

Modify Existing Parenting Plan

Mediation when you wish to Modify an Existing Parenting Plan is fast, comprehensive, economical and most of all preserves respect and collaboration for the Co-Parenting to come. There may be a specific key issue or issues that need addressing or due to typical changes in circumstances over the years the Parenting Plan needs updating to match the current situation.

The Mediator will lay out the path to achieve all of these important concerns and all while maintaining efficiency with time and money. 

The rough process is as follows:

  1. Pre-Mediation Topic and Financial Disclosures
  2. Parenting Plan Mediation
  3. Document Preparation
  4. Court Filing
  5. Court Acceptance of Agreement
  6. Final Court Order

The Mediator will guide the parties through each step in detail, supporting them fully, and keep the parties on track overall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't we do our own documentation?

Yes and No. It’s not a good idea to have a party to the negotiation, or their Attorney, draft the final agreements due to conflict of interest, possible misinterpretation, and in the case of Parties doing their own documents, costly mistakes in how the terms are documented. 

If both Parties agree, they may of course have a third party prepare the documents, but great care should be taken to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the negotiated terms are properly recorded and satisfactory to Both Parties.

Can you handle complex or non standard parenting schedules?

Absolutely! We have successfully negotiated lots of parenting plans and sharing of time with the children for service members (Thank you for your service and sacrifice!), firefighter Kelly days, parents living in different states, dynamic schedules with absolutely no patterns to them, and even schedules when one parent has 2nd shift and the other parent has 3rd shift. We have not been stumped or surprised and unable to help come up with something that works in non-standard situations.

I have also helped Parties with phased plans that automatically shift into the new parenting schedule at predetermined times. For example we can have Plan A that is effective immediately, Plan B which kicks in when the other Party secures adequate housing, and Plan C when the Child(ren) start Kindergarten.

Can you handle complex and high income situations?

Yes! I have had many high income high worth cases, even a few billionaires, and we have addressed the confusion that can come from complex real estate development, bonds, investments, start-ups, prenuptial agreements and beneficiary of trust situations.

When there are specific questions or challenges for tax planning for example, we work well with Tax Attorneys and Financial Advisors to make sure they understand the contemplated negotiation and the resulting advice is correctly represented in the Court Papers, or MOU.

Service Snapshot

Typical Fees

$415 each

More About Mediation Fees
Typical Duration

2 to 4 Weeks (includes court time)

More About Length of Mediation
Typical Mediation Hours

1 to 4 Hours

More About Mediation Hours
Topics Covered

Changes to:
Parenting Time/Custody
Parental Decision-Making
Children’s Expenses
Child Support
Financial Disclosures
Court Process
Court Papers

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