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Online Mediation

What is Virtual or Online Mediation?

Virtual or Online Mediation can be an effective way to remain productive when the Parties can’t physically come to the same space to work together.

Each Party would log into a video conferencing session setup in advance by the Mediator. A high-speed internet connection is required to ensure smooth session. It’s best if you can work from a room with a closed door so there are no background sounds or other interruptions that can interfere. It’s important that everyone can concentrate and remain engaged in the work so we can be productive.

The Mediator will greet everyone who is authorized to be on the video session. The Mediator will establish the ground rules right away. These may include things such as don’t interrupt if someone is speaking, or to confirm there is no one else sitting in off camera the Mediator may request the Parties to pan their laptop/camera around the room to ensure no one who is not authorized is in the room. These rules are important and the Parties must agree for the mediation to continue.

The Mediator will then work with both Parties much the same as it would be if everyone was in the same room. The Mediator will confirm the scope and objectives of the session and start working with the Parties to build solutions that both sides can live with that accomplish their mutual goals.

There is no additional cost for this service.

How to get started with an Online Mediation or Online Consultation.

If you wish you may Learn More about the Free Consultation session or schedule a Virtual or Online Mediation session. The Mediator will reach out shortly to confirm and start the process with you.

If you have any general questions before you schedule you may Contact the Mediator right away.

Secure Your Spot on the Mediator's Schedule

Schedule your free consultation now and take this opportunity to secure your spot on the Mediator's schedule. There is no obligation to hire the Mediator after the consultation, you won't be asked for a credit card or deposit, and instead you will instead receive the most informative and helpful hour anywhere we can find.
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