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Considering Divorce?

Consider mediation from the start as the means to handle your divorce.

Here are a few quick points to consider:

  • · Mediation is strictly voluntary
  • · Agreements are not final in mediation until both sides agree
  • · Mediation is far cheaper than using attorneys to fight for you
  • · Mediation has a high success rate between 75% to 85%
  • · Mediated Agreements have a high satisfaction rate of over 70% compared to traditional court disputes of 40%
  • · Mediated agreements endure longer and are far less likely to be taken back to court for appeal
  • · Mediation is completely confidential

If you would like to learn more about how mediation can help you manage the divorce process please visit www.myfamilymediation.com or contact Family Synergy Mediation at (303) 725-1007

Post Divorce Tips

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